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You as a business owner don't have an expense problem; you have a sales problem. You don't have a logistics or delivery problem; you have a sales problem. We teach this simple mantra: "Sales Solves All Sins."
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Can I Learn to Sale Even if I Hate Selling?
Written by Don Markland on February 13th, 2022
I get asked all the time "Don, can I learn how to sell even if I hate selling?"

Very simply put, the answer is YES! 

I want you think about this. If you want to learn how to sell or if you want to be different but you say things like "I hate doing this," or "I'm shy," or "I’m introverted," then keep reading. This blog post is for you.

The real trick is you have to apply your external motivator to what you really want and what you wanna go after and connect it to your daily practice habit.


When you can align your daily routine of practice with your external motivator all the hard things that feel like work will be signifignatly easier. You’ll stay determined even when things get hard. 

When I was a young man, I played a lot of sports.  I was not gifted at sports in any way but I still loved it. To be honest, I struggled to even be competitive with other people. I was such a weakling with very little muscle mass. As I matured, I started to understand my long-term aim and had a goal of what I really want to accomplish. All I wanted was to start at least one game for my football team. I wasn't looking for statistics or glory, just a chance to start. That’s all I wanted to do. Once I had my clear goal, or my external motivator, all of a sudden it was easier to get into the weight room, it was easier to learn plays, and it was easier to practice harder. Everything changed once I found that clarity.  


All of those hard things about practice became easier because I aligned my external motivator with my daily practice routine. Sure enough, on the last game of the season, I was chosen to start at defensive end.  

When you align your external motivator with your daily routine, you can learn anything, even sales. 

About Author: Don Markland

Don Markland is the CEO and owner of Accountability Now™, an Executive Coaching and Business Strategy company out of Jacksonville, Florida. As a contributor for multiple publications like Forbes, LDS Living, and others, Don has over 20 years of experience in the world of sales, marketing, leadership, and business growth.  
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