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Written on 2021
I've been in sales my entire life. As a young 18-year-old, my first real job was outbound telesales in a small call center in Provo, Utah. Within two weeks, I had moved into management, and my career was off to the races. 

I've learned more than anything that there is no such thing as an expense or cost problem within a business. It is always a revenue problem. You always need to generate more revenue to come out on top. That is why I teach the principle "Sales solves all sins."

I have amassed a wealth of pertinent, progressive experience across multiple leadership positions including Global Head of Sales & Marketing, Chief Revenue Officer, VP and COO; I bring a long and consistent track record of being entrepreneurial, innovative, bold, and having an action-first mentality to drive results towards top line growth and EBIDTA.

Specifically, I’ve refined hands-on expertise in providing visionary leadership and execution for large scale revenue growth, new and innovative product creation, software development, and at times strategic cost-cutting and efficiency lifts. Notably, I’ve accelerated growth and managed multi-site operations with numerous reputable companies including Amazon, State Farm, US Bank, and more.

My unwavering commitment to going the extra mile to exceed targets while leading from the front has been demonstrated throughout my career, with highlights including:

• As Chief Revenue Officer of Tax Defense Network, led them through a +30% top line revenue growth over two consecutive years (through 2016-18) even through a downturn in the overall Tax Debt market.

• As Global VP Customer Care for Xerox ( grew FTE count by +800 in under 90 days in preparation for Prime Day, increasing top line revenue by +$2.1M.

• As COO of Launch Leads, grew the business 240% (+$1.5M in annual revenue) in under 18 months and named to Utah Business Magazine’s Top 40 under Forty.

• As VP of Sales & Operations of Focus Services, helped grow the business by +600% from startup of $7M to $45M and in four countries (Philippines, India, El Salvador, and U.S.) in under five years.

Over the years, I’ve honed my leadership, recruitment and talent management skills, having hired, coached, motivated and led high-performing, multi-office sales teams; bringing an energetic and enthusiastic demeanor, I’m well-versed in delivering a comprehensive, seamless and memorable sales leadership experience.

My inclination to take on a high level of accountability, to be a reliable team-player and always exemplify a prudent commercial approach, reflects my attitude and work ethic. I’m confident my character, drive and integrity would make a great fit for your business and help you drive extraordinary results.

Don Markland
Founder of Accountability Now
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